Winning in a fast-expanding content universe


Thursday 13 June 2019

Princess Anne Theatre

15:15 – 16:40

Winning with content; EU’s 30% VOD quota; online sports; improving live streaming/normalising digital publishing


Anna Maria Vujinovic

Director Digital and Business development, Tech and Data, RTL


Simplifying multiservice ecosystems and improving search for content / content discovery

  • How to simplify, create synergies and optimize a multiservice ecosystem (IPTV, DTH and OTT).
  • Why broadcasters should evolve their production workflow
  • Achieving rich content discovery
  • Improving integration between catalogues and apps
  • Universal search between catalogues

Sérgio Filipe, Head of DVB Systems and Head-Ends, Portugal Telecom (MEO)


Sérgio Filipe

Head of DVB Systems & Head-Ends, Portugal Telecom (MEO)


Exploring the new digital distribution opportunities available to LaLiga

  • LaLiga and its traditional role as a sports league maximising rights in the linear broadcast world
  • Our new multi-sports streaming service, and why we are the lead-curator for 64 Spanish sports federations, from hockey to swimming
  • Our free-to-view offering for Spanish football including archive footage, interviews and reports
  • Using free streaming to take La Liga to a new global audience – including top division football to southern Asia via Facebook
  • Thinking about the long-term future of Spanish football rights, and the potential to expand the LaLiga4Sports service.


Panel: Becoming the local content champion – and spending more on rights and less on tech

  • Will the EU’s 30% European-sourced VOD quota rule bring forward the showdown between broadcasters and international SVODs seeking ‘local’ dominance?
  • What does it take for broadcasters to become the local VOD champion: more originals, more co-productions, SVOD presence, shared broadcaster VOD platforms…?
  • Are exclusive sports the key to attracting more long-time Pay TV customers to large digital streaming services; How big a priority is sports for broadcaster digital services?
  • We want to reduce the cost and complexity of streaming to multiple devices so the industry can spend more on content – what will help rationalise workflows and distribution?
  • As born-broadcast D2C giants start to repatriate their best content, and born-digitals commission more production, will every media owner need their own studios to sustain streaming catalogues?
  • What are the opportunities for sports rights owners to engage younger or casual fans, and better monetise super-fans, using digital – without cannibalising Pay TV revenues?
  • How do we achieve the reliability, picture quality and especially the low latency to make live streaming the equal of broadcast TV?
Steve Miller Jones

Steve Miller Jones

Vice President of Product Strategy

Limelight Networks

Ajey Anand

Ajey Anand


Norigin Media

Andrej Miklanek

Andrej Miklanek

Head of TV Content and Marketing Expert

Slovak Telekom and T-Mobile Czech Republic