Jack Davison

Executive Vice President, 3Vision

Winning in a fast-expanding content universe


Thursday 13 June 2019

Princess Anne Theatre

15:20 – 16:30

Winning with content; EU’s 30% VOD quota; online sports; improving live streaming/normalising digital publishing



Cutting Through the Complexities of the Content Marketplace

Jack Davison, Executive Vice President, 3Vision




Anna Maria Vujinovic

Director Digital and Business development, Tech and Data, RTL


Panel: Becoming the local content champion – and spending more on rights and less on tech

  • Will the EU’s 30% European-sourced VOD quota rule bring forward the showdown between broadcasters and international SVODs seeking ‘local’ dominance?
  • What does it take for broadcasters to become the local VOD champion: more originals, more co-productions, SVOD presence, shared broadcaster VOD platforms…?
  • Are exclusive sports the key to attracting more long-time Pay TV customers to large digital streaming services; How big a priority is sports for broadcaster digital services?
  • We want to reduce the cost and complexity of streaming to multiple devices so the industry can spend more on content – what will help rationalise workflows and distribution?
  • As born-broadcast D2C giants start to repatriate their best content, and born-digitals commission more production, will every media owner need their own studios to sustain streaming catalogues?
  • What are the opportunities for sports rights owners to engage younger or casual fans, and better monetise super-fans, using digital – without cannibalising Pay TV revenues?
  • How do we achieve the reliability, picture quality and especially the low latency to make live streaming the equal of broadcast TV?

Moderated by: Jack Davison, Executive Vice President, 3Vision