Jon Watts

Managing Partner and co-founder, MTM

The hybrid ‘free+subscription’ opportunity

Thursday 13 June 2019

Princess Anne Theatre

11:15 – 12:40

Hybrid monetisation; the advertising opportunity; maximising subscriber value; analysing key services



The future of ad-supported online video

  • How does ad-supported online video fit into the broader global TV and video landscape and digital advertising market, and how and why will this change over the next five years?
  • What is the current competitive landscape of ad-supported online video, who are the dominant players, and who will the biggest winners and losers be as more viewing goes OTT?
  • What roles do premium content and premium viewing environments (i.e. connected TVs) have to in the ad-supported online video market?
  • How, and why, will online video advertising become more important to players across the TV and video ecosystem?

Matthew Bailey, Senior Analyst, Media and Entertainment, Ovum


Matthew Bailey

Senior Analyst, Media and Entertainment, Ovum


Fireside Chat with Yulia Poltorak, Director International Content Distribution, Roku

We explore Roku’s expanding role as a distribution platform and content aggregator, including the value-add it offers streaming services who are ‘onboarded’ – from low-friction publishing and billing management to audience discovery, content promotion and data analytics.

We want to know how Roku helps media owners grow and monetise premium subscription services as well as free content using advertising. You will learn how the company is helping subscription streamers offer promotional content outside the pay-wall, as the free/paid model evolves.

We also review the growing device universe for Roku-enabled distribution, including Smart TVs featuring the Roku OS and the Roku app for Android and iOS.

Yulia Poltorak, Director International Content Distribution, Roku


Yulia Poltorak

Director International Content Distribution, Roku


Why and how DAZN Media is helping advertisers reach an engaged streaming sports audience

  • The impact DAZN has made on televised sport, offering live and on-demand content in Europe, North America, Japan and soon Brazil
  • Why we are introducing advertising and sponsorship to our premium video services – the commercial opportunity
  • The decision to create our own media sales organisation to manage global and local advertiser requirements – and the skillset needed
  • Our unique offering to advertisers: the DAZN audience, data-led targeting, branded content and unique formats
  • Why advertisers will welcome access to our sports fans, combining the impact of TV with the insights of digital
  • What we have learnt from early work with a select group of advertisers including VW, Tipico, bwin and Krombacher.


Panel: Exploring the hybrid ‘free+subscription’ opportunity

  • Will a combination of subscription and free ad-supported content enable media owners to generate more revenue in digital, and will ‘hybrid’ monetisation become normal?
  • How do you predict the impact of a free tier on subs numbers, or a pay-wall on advertising audiences – and are some platforms better than others for testing assumptions?
  • What do advertisers need from a streaming service – what will encourage them to buy audiences and inventory, and what will discourage them?
  • How does a subscription streamer start to monetise free content with advertising: Is programmatic a given? Need your own sales team? Who could be your sales representative?
  • Rights holders carefully manage their paid and free windows and who exploits each: how do you convince them to trust you with more of their total rights ‘cake’?
  • How realistic is ‘fluid monetisation’, where the same content asset switches between ad-supported, subscription and transactional over time, within the same service?
  • What are the brand and marketing challenges when introducing new monetisation models – especially if offering both in the same app/service?
Steve Forde

Steve Forde

Director of Digital Products and Online Marketing