Panel: The road to all-streaming, and what post-broadcast looks like

Thursday 11 June 2020
16:05 – 16:35

  • The DVB is encouraging a standards-based approach to streaming service discovery, multicast-ABR and low-latency streaming – but do we need it?
  • Does 5G and smart Wi-Fi obviate the need for better video compression; Will m-ABR be the norm for popular linear streaming; How do we lower streaming latency further?
  • How will viewers discover content in an all-streaming future: will EPGs still exist, and what are the implications for broadcaster ‘prominence’?
  • How do we increase capacity and lower costs for CDNs, and what architectural innovations can make them dramatically more efficient?
  • What will the post-broadcast world look like –will we watch everything through apps, will all channels be D2C, who will aggregate content…?
  • How far are we from a streaming-only Olympics or World Cup?
John Moulding

John Moulding


Peter MacAvock

Peter MacAvock

Head of Delivery, Platforms and Services, EBU Technology & Chair of the DVB Project