Key themes

Life at the tipping point

We have now arrived at the tipping point in the transition from broadcast TV to an all-streaming world. After an extraordinary year that accelerated digital transformation across society, it is no longer the end of the beginning for ‘traditional’ TV, but the beginning of the end. We are looking at a world where many of the biggest hit shows are only available online or will be viewed there first, where major studios prioritise their direct-to-consumer distribution above everything, where broadcast giants dispense with the function of Channel Controller, where direct-to-VOD provides an alternative first window to cinema, and where even some premium domestic sports rights find their way online to help leagues expand audiences or reconnect with lapsed viewers.

After a tipping point, everything accelerates. So this is the moment when every Media & Entertainment company must fight for its role in the all-streaming world, with little room for strategic or technology errors.

What does it take to become the premium content aggregator, keeping access to the best of the world’s programming? How do you become the content discovery agent that consumers rely upon when sports rights are spread across more services and the best content is shared between dozens of general entertainment and thematic apps? How do you ensure your platform or UI/UX becomes the preferred digital home for both content owners and consumers? As a streaming content or service provider in a market that will eventually (perhaps soon) become saturated with offers, how do you stand out from the crowd and keep consumers loyal to you?

Videoscape Europe is the thought-leadership conference that explores business and technology strategy for streaming television, and in 2021 we are seeking answers to all the above questions. The event will be streamed due to Covid restrictions, and is free to watch. Global leaders will share insights and best practice regarding:

  • Digital transformation: How M&E companies become their new selves
  • Content discovery: Making everything findable, and being found
  • Differentiation: Acquiring and keeping customers in a hyper-competitive market
  • Connected TV: Who is shaping the platform, aggregation and distribution ecosystem
  • Digital video advertising: Maximising revenue as the free premium video market expands
  • Sports streaming: Matching broadcast quality and exceeding its user experience