Nathalie Lethbridge

Founder, Atonik Digital

Growing in the right way, and preparing for digital-first

Thursday 13 June 2019

Princess Anne Theatre

09:05 – 10:45

Preparing for the digital pivot; growing in the right way; super aggregators; analysing key services


Apple TV+, Disney+ and WarnerMedia: Prospects for the next generation of streaming heavyweights

  • Business models, go-to-market strategies, and differentiation from existing OTT video services
  • Content offerings and distribution – how these media and tech giants can leverage their core business assets
  • Mid-term prospects, and the implications for other streaming services and the wider premium video market

Ted Hall, Research Director, IHS Markit


Ted Hall

Research Director, IHS Markit


How to super serve underserved audiences and focus on global passion niches

  • Bringing arts and classical content to a wider range of audiences
  • Approaching content services like members’ clubs – pay entry fee to get access
  • Connecting retail with TV/Video services – selling concert tickets via a VOD service
  • Other retail opportunities within VOD
  • Focusing on global passion niches – such as our service Country Line serving country music online

Simon Walker, CEO and Co-Founder, Marquee.TV


Simon Walker

CEO and Co-Founder, Marquee.TV


Answering tomorrows’ content delivery challenges today

  • Exploring some of the key challenges to content delivery
  • Routes to driving low latency delivery in the face of demand and bandwidth challenges
  • Overcoming the challenge of storage in a 4K/8K environment
  • How Varnish Software utilises its caching technologies to enable huge improvements to content delivery

Arianna Aondio, Senior Field Engineer, Varnish Software


Arianna Aondio

Senior Field Engineer, Varnish Software


Panel: Preparing for digital-first, and growing in the right way

  • Once ‘incumbent’ media owners start planning for a digital-first future, how does it influence near-term decisions on organisation, distribution and marketing?
  • How do subscription channel owners maintain the value of Pay TV windows while growing D2C – and how long before the health of one must be sacrificed for the other?
  • Should D2C services allow themselves to be aggregated online – will short-term growth be at the expense of consumer data, revenue shares and long-term profit potential?
  • What are the arguments in favour of app aggregation – is it realistic to expect lower marketing costs and churn, or increased lifetime subscriber value with the right partner?
  • How many content owners can afford to retain Tier 1 digital rights for their own D2C service; Do broadcasters need their own subscription model before they can ‘starve’ international SVODs?
  • What impact will the EU’s 30%-local VOD ruling have on production: A rush for originals; European imports replace American ones; Studios broaden their customer base…?
  • What is the end-game for full-flavour Pay TV – do we assume it follows Pay Lite online, can it keep the content rights to satisfy highest-ARPU ‘want it all in one place’ viewers, and will such consumers even exist?

Moderated by: Nathalie Lethbridge, Founder, Atonik Digital 

Thomas Helbo

Thomas Helbo

CTO, EVP Technology