Nathalie Lethbridge

Founder, Atonik Digital

Growing in the right way, and preparing for digital-first

Thursday 13 June 2019

Princess Anne Theatre

09:05 – 10:45

Preparing for the digital pivot; growing in the right way; super aggregators; analysing key services


Apple TV+, Disney+ and WarnerMedia: Prospects for the next generation of streaming heavyweights

  • Business models, go-to-market strategies, and differentiation from existing OTT video services
  • Content offerings and distribution – how these media and tech giants can leverage their core business assets
  • Mid-term prospects, and the implications for other streaming services and the wider premium video market

Ted Hall, Research Director, IHS Markit


Ted Hall

Research Director, IHS Markit


Creating a one-stop-shop for premium streamed content

  • Amazon Channels as an aggregator of premium subscription streaming services: content, market and subscriber growth
  • How subscribers benefit, including single sign-in and billing; Long-term prospects for the role of aggregator in the apps universe
  • Why content owners, including broadcasters, work with Amazon – from customer acquisition to subscription management and ease of discovery
  • A special look at the impact Amazon Channels can have on the growth of D2C services, including special interest SVOD.


Where BritBox fits into UK homes and ITV’s future

  • Why the UK needs an SVOD service from public broadcasters including ITV and BBC; Evidence there is room for more subscriptions per home
  • What will make UK homes sign-up to BritBox – the unique content differentiators and the relative importance of BritBox Originals
  • Likely impact on where ITV content is shown, and whether this means we ‘repatriate’ SVOD titles to our own BritBox catalogue
  • The commissioning and windowing strategy across ITV, ITV Hub and BritBox – delivering a service that complements and does not cannibalise
  • Broadcaster SVOD collaboration – the lessons ITV and BBC can bring home from BritBox North America.


Panel: Preparing for digital-first, and growing in the right way

  • Once ‘incumbent’ media owners start planning for a digital-first future, how does it influence near-term decisions on organisation, distribution and marketing?
  • How do subscription channel owners maintain the value of Pay TV windows while growing D2C – and how long before the health of one must be sacrificed for the other?
  • Should D2C services allow themselves to be aggregated online – will short-term growth be at the expense of consumer data, revenue shares and long-term profit potential?
  • What are the arguments in favour of app aggregation – is it realistic to expect lower marketing costs and churn, or increased lifetime subscriber value with the right partner?
  • How many content owners can afford to retain Tier 1 digital rights for their own D2C service; Do broadcasters need their own subscription model before they can ‘starve’ international SVODs?
  • What impact will the EU’s 30%-local VOD ruling have on production: A rush for originals; European imports replace American ones; Studios broaden their customer base…?
  • What is the end-game for full-flavour Pay TV – do we assume it follows Pay Lite online, can it keep the content rights to satisfy highest-ARPU ‘want it all in one place’ viewers, and will such consumers even exist?
David Goddard

David Goddard

VP, Global Programmatic Strategy

BBC Global News