Simon Murray

Principal Analyst, Digital TV Research

Earning more time and revenue from consumers


Thursday 13 June 2019

Princess Anne Theatre

13:40 – 15:00

Gaining a competitive edge with data analytics; gaining a competitive edge with your UX; analysing key services.



Why we are approaching a watershed moment, when less price-sensitive consumers join the SVOD rush

  • The evidence that we have reached a temporary ceiling for SVOD stacking, and why growth in multiple subscriptions will resume again
  • The figures that show the least price-sensitive consumers are yet to fully engage with SVOD, and what will happen to this market when they do
  • Making sense of the streaming landscape: where each popular service fits, and the market they serve.

Richard Broughton, Research Director, Ampere Analysis


Richard Broughton

Research Director, Ampere Analysis


10 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  • Old hat: things we can all agree on
  • Ten common mistakes: leadership failures, myths and muddled thinking
  • How to avoid them: a basic recipe for success

Richard Davidson-Houston, Head of All 4, Channel 4 Television


Richard Davidson-Houston

Head of All 4, Channel 4 Television


Panel: Increasing the time and money consumers will give you

  • What are the emerging challenges and opportunities in content discovery, whether digital video providers want to engage via their own apps or at third-party locations?
  • Are some online aggregators / apps onboarders more valuable than others when it comes to viewer engagement and propensity to churn – and how can app owners help the under-performers?
  • What trade-offs can an app owner and an online aggregator make to ensure each has the data they need to engage and monetise their viewers – and what are the data red-lines neither can compromise?
  • What is the best practice in trying to win back customers who have left, and can we maintain an ongoing relationship with seasonal or occasional streaming subscribers?
  • Once password sharing becomes a problem, how do we manage it – how do you tackle friend-shares without alienating subscribers, and even create sales opportunities?
  • Where is the low-hanging fruit when applying data analytics, AI and ML to a video streaming service: content portfolio decisions, viewer engagement, subscriber value…
  • The role of super-aggregator – providing access to multiple streaming services in the same place – is under-served: what are the UX innovations that will help someone dominate this function?

Moderated by: Simon Murray, Principal Analyst, Digital TV Research

Simon Murray

Simon Murray

Principal Analyst

Digital TV Research

Bill Gash

Bill Gash

Director of Sales, EMEA


Michael Roedel

Michael Roedel

Head of TV Experience

Vodafone Group

Nora Köksal

Nora Köksal

Digital Marketing Manager

Horse & Country TV