Download the agenda here.

Registration Open. Breakfast. Refreshments. Networking08:00 - 09:05David Lean Room
SESSION 1: Growing in the right way, and preparing for digital-firstMichael McCluskey, Richard Young, David Goddard, Ted Hall, Nathalie Lethbridge09:05 - 10:45Princess Anne Theatre
Networking Break10:45 - 11:15David Lean Room
SESSION 2: The hybrid ‘free+subscription’ opportunityMatthew Bailey, Steve Forde, Yulia Poltorak, Jon Watts11:15 - 12:40 Princess Anne Theatre
Lunch & Networking 12:40 - 13:40David Lean Room
SESSION 3: Earning more time and revenue from consumersSimon Murray, Michael Roedel, Bill Gash, Richard Davidson-Houston, Richard Broughton13:40 - 15:00Princess Anne Theatre
Networking coffee break15:00 - 15:20David Lean Room
SESSION 4: Winning in a fast-expanding content universeJack Davison, Ben King, Andrej Miklanek, Anna Maria Vujinovic, Steve Miller Jones, Ajey Anand15:20 - 16:30Princess Anne Theatre
Networking drinks16:30 - 17:00David Lean Room