Videoscape Europe 2021 - Life at the tipping point

Thursday 25 March 2021

Videoscape Europe is the thought-leadership conference for premium streamed television, exploring the strategies for success – and the technologies that underpin them – as the world migrates to all-streaming.



How Media & Entertainment companies become their new selves, ready for streaming to take centre stage. We explore the strategic thinking and the organisational and technology changes needed to make streaming the growth engine for 2020s television. Leading media companies discuss their digital innovation and digital transformation.


Three nascent streaming business models and their implications for all stakeholders

Ampere Analysis is predicting the arrival of bundling and discounting in a streaming market that until now has been characterised by fragmentation and standalone, a la carte models. What will this look like? You will hear how general entertainment streamers are looking to broaden their content portfolio, which could mean more news, sport and reality. What does that mean for all stakeholders? Finally, the company considers the implications as major studios prioritise distribution to their own D2C platforms – how will broadcasters and Pay TV providers respond, and can independent producers help fill the gap in their schedules?

Guy Bisson, Research Director, Ampere Analysis
Interviewed by John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet


Digital as an engine for growth at ITV – what it means in practice

Patrick Kelly, Head of Digital, ITV Commercial


How NBCU and Twitter are driving global digital conversations around premium content

Krishan Bhatia, President & Chief Business Officer, NBCUniversal

Jennifer Prince, Global VP and Head of Content Partnerships, Twitter



Studio transformation – the challenges and the opportunities

This wide-ranging conversation explores how leading studios are transforming themselves to put streaming at the heart of what they do, as a primary driver for growth and future market share. Our speakers have established businesses serving the ‘traditional’ television marketplace plus their own consumer-facing digital services. We explore the new skills needed when you own consumer relationships and the ‘portals’ through which viewers receive their content, including B2C marketing in a highly competitive environment. You will hear about the challenges and opportunities for content creators as distribution models and windowing evolves. Is streaming their priority yet, and if not, when will it become so, and what would ‘digital-first’ mean for their business strategy in the years ahead?

Moderator: Nathalie Lethbridge, Founder, Atonik Digital

Senior executives from leading studios



We have reached the tipping point in the long transition from all-broadcast to all-streaming. The new entertainment universe is being shaped as we speak, filled with spine-tingling opportunity (as well as jeopardy). We want to know how media companies seize this moment, including the go-to-market strategies that will underpin rapid but sustainable growth.


Taking stock of the streaming market after the 2020 boom, and predicting what happens next

After the lockdown-inspired digital acceleration of 2020, we take stock of the streaming market, with subscription and market share figures for leading streaming services (including the latest D2C launches) plus total streaming market growth forecasts. Most importantly, there is analysis of what happens next, given predictions of a post-boom slowdown in subscription growth and increased competition for streaming eyeballs. Will streamers rely more on Pay TV operator distribution partnerships? Are Pay TV operators ready to redesign their bundles to accommodate more streaming services? How will streamers seek growth? Expect the answers, plus figures for premium online video as a total share of TV revenue globally.

Maria Rua Aguete, Executive Director, OMDIA


Seizing the global streaming opportunity at ViacomCBS

In addition to her COO responsibilities for ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI), Kelly Day is President of Streaming at VCNI, which includes leading the international debut of Paramount+ in Latin America and Nordics in March, and Australia later this year, plus the ongoing international expansion of Pluto TV. Kelly will discuss VCNI’s streaming strategy, and the rollout of Paramount+ and how ViacomCBS is seizing the global opportunity in streaming.

Kelly Day, President of Streaming & COO, ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI)

Interviewed by Nathalie Lethbridge, Founder, Atonik Digital


How D2C complements rather than replaces linear Pay TV carriage

How an owner of loved broadcast TV channel brands redesigns their distribution strategy so that a direct-to-consumer streaming service complements rather than replaces the existing Pay TV and linear experience.

Senior executive at a major broadcast/digital content group


Panel: The business of streaming – achieving rapid, sustainable growth

Discussion topics are: With growing competition in the premium video streaming marketplace, how do services differentiate themselves and maintain growth? As the consumer SVOD stack grows, is it time for bundling and discounting of streaming services, and who will manage those ‘bouquets’? If studios prioritise their own D2C services for distribution, how will everyone else fill their schedules and VOD stores? What UI/UX/CX best practice will get people watching more often for longer, helping to turn a streaming service into a habit? How does a channel owner grow its D2C presence while maintaining ‘traditional’ distribution partnerships and broadcast linear revenues – will super-fans in Pay TV homes consume both? How can we reduce streaming service operating costs – any new technology or process innovations that will make a meaningful difference? With more free, more linear, more reality, plus sport and news, is streaming starting to look a lot more like the ‘traditional’ TV ecosystem? What are the next big developments in the television streaming market?

Moderator: Colin Dixon, Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreen Media



An amazing new city has risen in front of us and a sizeable chunk of the population has yet to visit its bustling and sometimes bewildering streets and marketplaces. We want to know how, in the streaming video metropolis, media companies lead us to the familiar and new, and convince both the wary and adventurous traveller to stay. Hear the new best practice in content discovery and engagement.


Creating the linear channel experience in an AVOD app

rlaxx TV is a new multiplatform AVOD service that is currently available on nearly 50% of Smart TVs, as well as on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV devices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK, with plans for a much wider roll out. The service puts the lean-back, linear TV experience front-and-centre, helping viewers to quickly find something to watch, alongside a VOD catalogue. rlaxx TV includes specially curated, themed channels that bring together relevant programming from multiple content partners, featuring premium-niche content from the likes of Nitro Circus, Comedy Dynamics and World Poker Tour. You will hear the thinking behind the linear-centric discovery experience, and insights into how consumers use it. With viewers able to fast-forward as well as rewind within a channel, we explore the technical approach to the presentation and delivery of the app-based linear experience.

Ronny Lutzi, CEO, rlaxx TV


The future of content aggregation and discovery

How a Pay TV operator combines recently launched D2C and other streaming services with broadcast TV and VOD under one roof, with a focus on universal discovery within an advanced UX. In a world of virtually endless video choices and major app launches, what does it take to be the entertainment hub consumers can rely upon to help them make their next viewing decision? You will hear about the high-level CX strategy and how that is being implemented in practice.

Leading Pay TV provider


The SVOD that curates ‘the best of the rest’ under one roof

Founded by former Disney and Discovery executives, Struum reckons it can become the fourth or fifth largest streaming service in a market by giving consumers easy access, under one roof, to content from hundreds of leading SVOD providers who are not Netflix, Amazon or Disney. Launching in the U.S. this spring with 30+ SVOD brands – ahead of an expected international rollout – Struum hosts the content, so is not a discovery portal that hands off to apps using deep-linking. Media partner brands are prominent, and subscribers get credits that can be used on programming or movies from any of the content providers. We want to know why consumers need this, and why SVODs should want to be involved. This is your chance to assess an innovative and ambitious new streaming retail and distribution model.

Paul Pastor, Chief Business Officer & Co-Founder, Struum


Panel: See, love, stay – next-generation content engagement

We will be asking: How likely is it that long-term streaming market share will be determined by the quality of viewer insights, personalisation and content discovery? What are the best ways to boost attention, customer satisfaction and retention for streaming services, looking beyond the content offer – best practice in CX, UX and UI? Drop a whole series on Day One, offer three episodes for bingeing followed by weekly releases, or show one episode a week – does the content release cycle make any difference to total viewing? Is linear becoming more important in the app environment, and what does a next-generation linear experience look like? Will voice discovery be dominated by platforms with CPE? Is content DNA analysis (mood, plot, tone) the new frontier for recommendation? Beyond the theory, what is the evidence that streaming fans want super-aggregation, with universal discovery and perhaps even bundling and discounting of apps? What are the next steps in discovery?

Moderator: Janet Greco, Principal Consultant, Broadcast Projects



‘Free-to-view’ has been a key part of the broadcast TV world and we want to know if it can be successfully replicated and sustained in the streaming television space, and how. Do we have the content and context, the audiences, the measurement and data, and the ease of trading across a fragmented landscape, to satisfy advertisers? Are inventory yields high enough to cover any extra costs of business in a complex tech ecosystem. This session focuses on free, premium streaming.

Moderator: Sam Tidmarsh, Content Lead, Mediatel Events
Damian Pelliccione, CEO & Co-Founder, Revry


Panel: Making the ‘free-to-view’ model work in premium streaming

The focus of this panel is how we successfully replicate and sustain the ad-funded, free-to-view model in the streaming television space. Do we have the content and context, the audiences, the measurement and data, and the ease of trading across a fragmented landscape, to satisfy advertisers? Are inventory yields high enough to cover any extra costs of business in a complex tech ecosystem? The panel will address these and other questions.

Moderator: Jon Watts, Project Director, European CTV Initiative

Mehmet Eroglu, Chief Commercial Officer, Foxxum

Chris Edwards, Director, Business Development, EMEA, Rakuten Advertising